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Ignite Dance Academy’s Bradley Richardson Workshop

On Sunday 11th March, talented dancer and choreographer Bradley Richardson hosted a series of Ignite Dance Academy workshops in our hall with over 40 children taking part.

Bradley hosted a Disney themed workshop for children aged 3 to 5, The Greatest Showman workshop for children aged 6 to 10 and a Musical Theatre workshop for children aged 11+.

Feedback from these workshops was excellent, with Bradley commenting on the excellent attitude, ability and behaviour of all children. There was also fantastic feedback about our facilities from dancers, parents and professionals – several professional dancers commented on how impressive our facilities are upon seeing the photos!

Miss Zoe from Ignite Dance Academy thanked all at Dearham Primary School for use of the facilities and has booked to return again in the near future.

Dance 1 Dance 2 Dance 3 Dance 4 Dance 5 Dance 6 Dance 7 Dance 8 Dance 9


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