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dearham SCHOOL



Mrs S J Kidd

Deputy Heads:

Mrs E Ivison and Mrs L Walker


Miss A McAdam

Mr P Blease

Mrs A Bell

Mrs A Clayton

Mrs C Cresswell

Miss J Clarke

Mrs R Hawker

Mrs E Ivison

Mr A MacCreedy

Mrs HM McClements

Mrs C Norman

Mrs L Rigby

Mrs L A Scott

Mrs V Smith

Mr S Strachan

Mrs E Taylor

Mrs L Walker

Mr P Blease

Mr A Young

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J Glaister

Mrs J Graham

Mrs A Gribben

Mrs P Hansen

Mrs E Hitchen

Mrs L Hope

Mrs L Kirkbride

Mrs G Mossom

Miss E Jackson

Mrs E Jackson

Mrs S McBride

Mrs T Bell

Mrs J Sewell

Business Manager:

Mrs J Simpson

Business Support:

Mrs D Volkearts


Mr D Heron


Mrs K Henderson

Mrs J Chamberlain

Mrs C Mattinson

Mrs C Petre

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs S Whitehead(Cook in charge)


Miss A Fye

Mrs SA Pattinson

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs O Blackburn

Mrs J Chamberlain

Mrs C Mattinson

Mrs M Barker

Mrs E Hill

Mrs F Spalding

After-School and Breakfast Clubs:

Mrs L MacDonald

Mrs A Gribben

Mrs J Chamberlain

Mrs J Lowell

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