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Freddy Fit Day!


Freddy Fit visited our school yesterday! Here are some quotes and photos to show what a great time we had!
H.M.McClements – Year 1 
10/10 Absolutely Fantastic ! The children responded really well, Rob the presenter was excellent he had the children’s attention from start to finish. I would recommend Freddy Fit to every school.
Jade Sewell – Year 1 
The workshop was brilliant, perfect amount of content to keep the children engaged. The children responded amazingly especially from the first part when Freddy did not speak only actions modelled.
Freddy Fit would be a brilliant addition to our school programme.
Jane Clarke – Year 3 
The content of the workshop was excellent, inclusive, fun and informative. Rob the presenter was approachable in control and had all children involved. Such an excellent start to the day lovely to see all the children active and having fun.
L Hope – Year 4
We enjoyed the workshop fully which was full of content and different style of activities. The presenter clearly explained what he wanted even without speech, the children followed and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon a fantastic session.
Freddy Fit was professional, approachable and lives up to his name. 
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